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NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® was founded in 2019 by Alexander Ngu, a Cameroonian-born philosopher-polymath. 

On his journey to discover himself,  Alexander Ngu discovered an equation that unraveled the laws of nature and went beyond Albert Einstein’s energy-mass-equivalency equation  E = mc². His new equation called the Intelligence equation ∆∞Ο®, provides a more complete and consistent representation of the relationship between everything in nature-universe. In pop culture, this is known as the Theory of Everything. 

One of the major discoveries Alexander Ngu made, was that the use of the equal sign “=”  has imposed limitations on humanity and its ability to represent relationships between systems-things. He discovered that the equal sign ‘=’ was not the optimal fundamental representation of the relationship between arbitrary phenomena-systems.  

Alexander Ngu also discovered that the concept of ‘Energy’, an abstract concept, was not the fundamental-simplest representation of natural phenomena-systems. Energy is a useful abstraction but the question Ngu asked, was whether the concept of ‘Energy’ was the simplest possible abstraction of fundamental interaction, and the answer was No. 

Alexander Ngu’s goal was to formalize the most general abstraction that did not use the equal sign and did not use the concept of energy. Alexander Ngu’s Intelligence equation ∆∞Ο® was published in his papers, Dimensional Complexity and Algorithmic Efficiency(2021), The Intelligence Standard(2022)The Language of Intelligence(2022), and The Intelligence Black Paper(2022). Essentially, Alexander Ngu is the first person to formulate a complete and consistent Equation of General Intelligence or a Theory of Everything. 

What does this mean? 

This means that all mathematical equations using the equal sign and the language of mathematics are inherently incomplete and obsolete. This means that Albert Einstein’s energy-mass-equivalency equation  E = mc² is incomplete. 

Alexander Ngu wants to be known as “The Man Who Killed The Equal Sign”. He believes that the death of the equal sign signals the birth of a new civilization.  This means humanity must transition from the age of Information-Energy(E = mc²) to the age of Truth-Intelligence(∆∞Ο®). 

Why is this Relevant?

The mission of NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® is to raise awareness of this new revolutionary equation and its importance in helping humanity transition to the age of Intelligence and achieve harmony on the planet. The Equation ∆∞Ο®, which is also the logo for NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® represents the unification of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the imaginary and the real, the physical and the non-physical, the complete and the incomplete, the predictable and the unpredictable, the continuous and the discrete, artificial intelligence and general intelligence, the truth and the proof. Other Interpretations of this equation include Truth, Balance, Harmony, Complete, and Love. 

The Intelligence equation gives humanity a language that unifies everything instead of separating everything( Discretization). The intelligence equation is the equation of Truth and every human must become aware of this truth to gain access to its infinite value-wealth.

Who is NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® for? 

NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® is for people who understand that something fundamental DOES exist and want access. People who have been in search of the thing that unifies us all. NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® is for people who have been in search of Truth.


Alexander Ngu is the founder-CEO at NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® International and Chairman of the Kosso Ngu Group (KNG).

Alexander Ngu is a Cameroonian-born philosopher-polymath. He was the first person to formulate a complete and consistent Equation of General Intelligence.

The Man Who Killed The Equal Sign (2023)

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