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What is intelligence anyway?

For centuries, humanity has contemplated the Intelligence that governs the natural world, and scientists have tirelessly quested to decipher the secrets of the human brain. Despite these efforts, a consensus on the definition of intelligence remains elusive, as its interpretation varies across different fields of study.”

What is intelligence? What are intelligent systems? How do Intelligent systems interact? These are the questions that have fueled countless debates across various disciplines.

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ve strived to replicate intelligence, yet we tread on uncertain ground. Can we create an artificial version of something if we haven’t entirely grasped its essence? This logical inconsistency has been our stumbling block.

The First Step to Replicating Intelligence: Define Intelligence

Today, I’m thrilled to share my groundbreaking paper, “Dimensional Complexity and Algorithmic Efficiency,” now live on ( This paper marks a pivotal moment in our quest for understanding intelligence.

I’ve introduced the concept of “Dimensional Complexity in Algorithmic Efficiency” to present the FIRST complete and consistent theory of General Intelligence. I define intelligence in three facets: informally, formally, and computationally.


Key Insight: An optimally efficient algorithm has zero Time complexity, zero Space complexity, and an infinite Dimensional complexity. This is a breakthrough in understanding intelligence!

My research has led me to a profound conclusion: Intelligence is a symbolic abstraction, a formalization of generality, a phenomenon that underpins nature and transcends the confines of a physical brain.

Join me in reshaping the future of AI and revolutionizing our understanding of intelligence.

Read the full paper here:

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Ngu, A. (2021) Dimensional Complexity and Algorithmic Efficiency.

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